Break free from pain

Bring to Light Coaching combines health and wellness with pain science and proven methodologies to help you reduce and manage pain.

We use a client centered-approach emphasizing living life with purpose, meaning, and ultimate wellness.

We help you capitalize on your strengths and motivation so that you experience healing, better pain management, and increased joy and life satisfaction.

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We approach pain differently

We use science to help us address the whole individual:

• Mind
• Body
• Emotions
• Mindfulness

See below just some of the parts we may address:


• Reframing Situations
• Strengths Utilization
• Cognitive Beliefs
• Rewiring the Brain to Healthier Habits


• Nutrition
• Physical Movement
• Sleep Optimization
• Stress Management


• Forgiveness
• Gratitude 
• Positive Emotions
• Heart Math 


• Somatic Tracking 
• Meditation
• Grounding
• Journaling

Break free from pain

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2. Customize a plan for a pain free-life

You and the coach will work together to assess what you need to create a better, healthier, and more joyful life.

3. Start living your life with joy and relief

The coach will support you as you overcome barriers and increase motivation, clarity, and purpose.

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