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Chronic Pain Coaching

Since everyone's pain journey is unique, Bring to Light Coaching helps each person find what works best for them.

In addition to managing pain, we help you put back together parts of your life that may have been impacted.

This could include rediscovering purpose, building a support system, getting a good night's sleep, increasing energy, completing everyday tasks, self-care, or improving quality of life, despite pain.

We understand how much chronic pain can impact work, relationships, and daily living.

Bring to Light Coaching can help you tune into your strengths so that you experience healing, better pain management, and increased joy and life satisfaction with all parts of your life.

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Read what some clients have said about us

- Bonnie

"Georgette's ability as a pain coach to deeply observe and ask insightful questions helped me find solutions to live a life with less pain and less stress. She provided me with the confidence and support that I needed to identify and remove barriers that prevented me from embracing change and managing my health and wellness, both physically and mentally. She helped me build the confidence and strength I needed to live a life after cancer and chronic pain. The space that Georgette holds for her clients is so unique, the kind of space that reflects both compassion and empathy, providing her clients with the freedom to organize their thoughts and deeply understand their feelings to move toward a purposeful life beyond chronic pain."

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